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Loaded weapon confiscated from a student of ND primary school


A student brought a loaded gun to an elementary school in Fargo.

Valley Live News reports that a student brought a loaded gun to an elementary school in Fargo. After the student allegedly told his class that he had a gun, the teacher was able to locate and confiscate the gun. There was a brief lockdown and the student was suspended.

Stories of guns being brought into North Dakota schools seem to come up frequently recently.

In October, a pupil of the Hettinger public school committed suicide in front of pupils and a teacher. Last week, Valley Live News reported that a caller alerted the “Whistle Blower Hotline” that there was a school shooting at “DL High School” (it was apparently not clear whether the call was for Devils Lake or Detroit Lakes). And, this week, we’re talking about a student sharing with the class that he had a loaded handgun.

Gun violence in American schools is a problem.

Since I should probably preface every gun story I write, I’m pro guns. But the fact that children bring such dangerous weapons to school is very alarming. For example, someone at home does not practice gun safety if their child is able to casually bring a gun to school. Lives can change forever with the push of the trigger – think of two great devastating and traumatic cases like Columbine Where Sand hook. This kind of situation should be taken seriously.

What do you think of the recent gun cases in North Dakota schools?

Discover 20 Ways America Has Changed Since September 11

For those of us who lived through September 11, the events of the day will forever be etched in our minds, a terrible tragedy that we cannot and will not forget. Now, two decades later, Stacker looks back on the events of September 11 and many ways the world has changed since then. Using information from news reports, government sources, and research centers, this is a list of 20 aspects of American life that have been forever changed by the events of that day. From language and air travel to our handling of immigration and foreign policy, read on to see how life in the United States was affected by 9/11.

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Sports news | Tiger Wood inspiration Lee Elder dies aged 87


Washington, November 30 (AP) Lee Elder, who broke racial barriers as the first black golfer to play in the Masters and paved the way for Tiger Woods and others, has died aged 87 .

The PGA Tour announced Elder’s death, which was first reported on Monday by Debert Cook of African American Golfers Digest. No cause was given, but the tour confirmed Elder’s death with his family.

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He was in poor health and had an oxygen tube under his nose when he showed up for the Masters opening in April. The tour said he died early Sunday in Escondido, Calif.

A Texan who developed his game during times of segregation while caddying, Elder made history in 1975 at Augusta National, which held an all-white tournament until he received an invite after playing. won the Monsanto Open the year before.

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Elder missed the cup on his first Masters, but forever established himself as a revolutionary figure in a sport never known for racial tolerance.

Twenty-two years later, Woods became the first black golfer to grab the green jacket, launching one of the greatest careers in golf history.

Last April, following social justice protests that rocked the nation, the Masters honored Elder by having him join Nicklaus and Gary Player for the opening ceremony tee shots.

Elder’s poor health kept him from taking a hit, but he proudly waved his driver to the first tee, clearly moved by the moment.

Elder got into golf as a caddy because it was essentially the only way black people could be allowed on the course. He was able to perfect his game while serving in the military, and after his release joined the United Golf Association Tour for Black Players in the early 1960s.

He went on to become one of the best players in the UGA, but meager cash prizes made it difficult to make a living. Finally, at the age of 33, Elder was able to afford a PGA qualifying school, where he obtained his first tour card for the 1968 season.

Elder would claim four PGA Tour wins and eight more PGA Tour Champions wins for players 50 and over. He played in all four major championships, tied for 11th place in the 1974 PGA Championship and the 1979 US Open.

His best result in six Masters appearances was a tie for 17th place in 1979.

But Elder’s impact on the game went far beyond wins and losses, though it took decades for his legacy to be fully appreciated.

Elder was 40 when he played in his first Masters, so many of his best years have already been stolen from him by the scourge of racism.

The PGA had an exclusively Caucasian rule until 1961 – 14 years after Jackie Robinson broke baseball’s color barrier. It took another 14 years before the Masters finally invited a black player.

Last year, before the pandemic-delayed Masters was first played in November, Augusta National officially recognized Elder’s enormous contributions by setting up two scholarships in his name at Paine College, a historically black school. in the city of eastern Georgia.

The club also invited him to take part in the teeing off ceremony with Nicklaus and Player at this year’s Masters.

Elder, who is survived by his wife, Sharon, was at the historic Augusta National for Woods victory in 1997. He was sure to see a black golfer win the tournament for the first time.

After all, it was Elder who led the way. (PA)

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World University Winter Games halted due to COVID variant


Periodically, SwimSwam informs you about the biggest news around the Olympic and Paralympic world, outside of water sports. Read on to learn more about a major COVID-related cancellation, the corruption surrounding the Rio 2016 bid, and a suspended track star arguing her case online.

Cancellation of the 2021 World University Winter Games

The World University Winter Games are the first major sporting event to be canceled due to the new COVID-19 variant.

The Games were scheduled to take place December 11-21 in Lucerne, Switzerland. The event was however already postponed from January 2021.

The move came after Switzerland imposed new restrictions on travelers from several countries where the Omicron variant was found. Several of the participating countries such as Australia and the Netherlands were reportedly subject to a 10-day quarantine upon entering the country.

The country is also seeing an increase in COVID-19 cases, with an average of almost 7,000 new cases per day – a rate of more than 80 per 100,000 population.

Students from more than 500 schools in more than 50 counties were scheduled to compete, according to the Associated Press. Foreign sports officials and broadcast staff were also reportedly subject to restrictions.

“We are devastated and sorry that we cannot welcome athletes from all over the world, who are preparing intensely for their competitions,” he added. Guido Graf, said the president of the organizing committee.

The next winter event is scheduled for 2023 in New York City. The next summer event, postponed from April 2021, is expected to begin in China in June 2022.

Rio 2016 boss sentenced to 30 years for buying host votes

The former president of the Brazilian Olympic Committee and the Rio 2016 Organizing Committee, Carlos arthur nuzman, was sentenced to nearly 31 years in prison for buying votes for Rio to win the 2o16 Olympics.

Nuzman, 79, has been convicted of bribery, criminal organization, money laundering and tax evasion, according to The Guardian. Nuzman will not go to jail until his appeals are heard.

The former governor of Rio was also sentenced by the same judge Sergio Cabral, Managing Director of Rio 2016 Operations Leonard Gryner, and a businessman named Arthur soares. Investigators said the four worked together to bribe Lamine Diack, the former president of the International Association of Athletics Federation, and his son, to get votes.

Cabral – who has been jailed since 2016 due to other incidents – said two years ago that he “paid around $ 2 million in exchange for up to six votes at the meeting of the International Olympic Committee which awarded to Rio the Olympic and Paralympic Games ”.

The former governor also said he paid Diack’s son Papa Massata Diack an additional $ 500,000 in an attempt to secure three more votes, but Diack denied the allegations. The two Diacks ​​were sentenced to several years in prison (the oldest on another corruption case involving Russian doping), but plan to appeal.

Chicago, Tokyo and Madrid were the other finalists for the 2016 Games. The investigation into the Rio vote began in 2017 after a French newspaper reported that IOC members were bribed days before the decision.

Suspended American Runner Starts Website, Fundraising

Shelby houlihan, a running star in the United States, has launched a website to promote his point of view to the public – and raise funds – by appealing his current suspension.

Houlihan was sentenced to a four-year suspension in January 2021 for testing positive for nandrolone, an anabolic steroid, rendering her ineligible for the 2021 and 2024 Olympics. She is the US women’s race record holder of 1 500 and 5,000 meters.

Houlihan blamed the positive test on eating a contaminated pork burrito, as nandrolone can naturally be found in pork organs. According to Houlihan’s site, she ate a burrito (carne asada, which is beef) about 10 hours before her test at a Mexican food truck that also served pork that night.

The GoFundMe, called “Help Shelby Fight to Prove Her Innocence,” has a goal of $ 300,000 and has raised over $ 12,500 so far. Its website, ClearShelby.com, includes supporting documents.

More than a handful of swimmers have tested positive for nandrolone in the past two decades, but it appeared more frequently before 2009.

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Biden’s three messages on the new Omicron variant

US President Joe Biden, flanked by Dr.Anthony Fauci (right), delivers remarks to provide an update on the Omicron variant in the Roosevelt Room of the White House in Washington, DC on November 29, 2021 (Mandel Ngan / AFP / Getty Images)

President Biden highlighted three messages in his address to Americans on the new Omicron variant of the coronavirus:

The variant is a cause for concern, not a cause for panic.

“We have the best vaccine in the world, the best drugs, the best scientists, and we are learning more every day,” he said on Monday. “We will fight this variant with scientific and knowledgeable action and speed, not chaos and confusion.”

The best protection against Omicron is the vaccine.

“I know you are fed up with hearing me say this, the best protection against this new variant or any of the existing variants, the ones we’ve been dealing with before, is to get fully immunized and get a booster. “, did he declare. noted.

If you’re 18 or older and got fully immunized before June 1, go for the booster today, he told Americans.

“They are free and available in 80,000 locations coast to coast,” he added. “Don’t wait. Go get your booster if it’s time for you to do so.”

He also stressed that children aged 5 and over should be vaccinated.

If vaccines need to be updated to fight Omicron, the United States will act quickly.

Scientists are currently fighting to determine whether existing vaccines provide adequate protection against the Omicron variant. Otherwise, Biden said the United States will move quickly to update its vaccine supplies.

“In the hopefully unlikely event that updated vaccinations or boosters are required to respond to this new variant, we will accelerate their development and deployment with all available tools,” he said.

“We do not yet believe that further measures will be necessary,” he added. “But to ensure that we are prepared, if necessary, my team is already working with officials from Pfizer and Moderna and Johnson & Johnson to develop contingency plans for vaccines or boosters if necessary.”

“I will also ask the FDA and CDC to use the fastest process available without cutting corners for safety to get such vaccines approved and to the market if necessary.”

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Other countries must “step up and do more” to immunize world and stop spread of omicron, urges Sajid Javid


The measures announced yesterday to slow the spread of omicron are in line with “scientifically sound” actions, a Sage adviser suggested.

Calum Semple, professor of child health and epidemic medicine at the University of Liverpool, reportedly not drawn to the policy response to the virus – but has signaled his support for a strategy that gives researchers more time to learn specific details on omicron.

“With what we know about the biology of this virus, it would be scientifically sound to take steps to give our recall campaign time to get ahead of the virus and better understand the virus,” he told Sky News.

“We don’t want people to panic because the vaccine booster shots we have are so effective in boosting antibody levels. We can be optimistic that people who have been vaccinated and who have received a booster will be protected from an attack. serious illness.”

Prof Semple noted that the “expectation” was that the omicron variant will replace the delta variant, which is currently dominant in the world, but predicted that Christmas would be “much better” than last year.

When asked if the masks made enough of a difference, he hinted at “definitive research” in the British Medical Journal this week showing that “it absolutely reduces transmission” of Covid. He added that a combination of “hands, face, space absolutely works… I welcome the news that we will be wearing face masks in England”.

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Shura Council participates in meetings of IPU Forum of Women Parliamentarians


Doha: The Shura Council participated in the meetings of the 32nd session of the Forum of Women Parliamentarians, within the framework of the 143rd General Assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU), which is currently being held in Madrid.

The Council was represented at the meetings by HE member of the Shura Council, member of the Forum of Women Parliamentarians of the Inter-Parliamentary Union Sheikha bint Yousef Al-Jufairi.

In her speech during the session, Her Excellency reviewed the status of women in the State of Qatar, indicating that Qatari women play a leading role in public works, as they have become equals with men. and occupy the highest administrative and scientific positions. They are also making an effective effort by contributing in various fields inside and outside Qatari society.

Her Excellency referred to the participation of women in legislative elections to select members of the Shura Municipal Council, noting that participation was not the first practice of women in elections, as the experience of choosing members of the Central Municipal Council in 1999 had preceded it.

In the field of entrepreneurship, His Excellency said that Qatari women have been able to assume all management positions as minister, university president, deputy prosecutor, State delegate to the United Nations, official spokesperson from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, member of the Shura Council, and director of investment companies.

Her Excellency went on to say that what strengthened the role of Qatari women in public works was their enrollment in higher education, as the percentage of girls enrolled in university reached 70.39%, according to data from the Planning and Statistics Authority for the year. 2020, and the high rate of their participation in the labor market, since it was close to half, and acquired the highest percentage in sectors such as education, health and social work.

HE the member of the Shura Council also commended the considerable efforts made by H.H. Sheikha Moza bint Nasser, President of the Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development, at the local, regional and international levels, in order to achieve a qualitative leap in the level of education and rehabilitation of the new generation.

His Excellency added that, confirming the confidence of Qatari men in the contributions of women and their ability to take on leadership roles in the country, the members of the Shura Council elected HE Hamda bint Hassan Al-Sulaiti to the post. vice-president of the Shura Council.

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HAPPINESS ! Featuring Ross Gay, Irène Mathieu, Michael Chang on Saturday November 27th | Local News I Racine County Eye


RACINE – The November BONK! the event will take place on Saturday, November 27 from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. (Central Time). The event will be held on the Zoom webinar and will be streamed live on Facebook at BONK! The Facebook page. Organized and hosted by Kelsey Marie Harris, BONK! will feature spoken word artists Ross Gay, Irène Mathieu and Michael Chang. For more information, visit the BONK! website.

Featured artists

Ross Gay is the author of four collections of poetry: Against which; Lower the shovel; Hold; and Shameless Gratitude Catalog, winner of the 2015 National Book Critics Circle Award and the 2016 Kingsley Tufts Poetry Award. His new poem, Hold, was published by the University of Pittsburgh Press in September 2020. His collection of essays, The Book of Delights, was published by Algonquin Books in 2019.

Ross Gay

Dr Irène P. Mathieu is a pediatrician and a writer. She is the author of Grand Marronage (Switchback Books, 2019), orogeny (Trembling Pillow Press, 2017), and the galaxy of origins (dancer press, 2014). His poems appeared in American poetry review, Story, Boston Review, Virginia Quarterly Review, Callaloo, TriQuarterly, and elsewhere. Irène is on the editorial boards of muzzle magazine and the Journal of General Internal Medicinethe humanities section. A recipient of Fulbright, Callaloo and Virginia Center for the Creative Arts scholarships, she works as an assistant professor of pediatrics at the University of Virginia.

Dr Irène P. Mathieu

Michael chang (they / them) is the author of several collections of poetry, including DRAKKAR NOIR (winner of the Bateau Press BOOM Chapbook Competition), CHINATOWN ROMEO (Ursus Americanus Press, 2021), as well as BOYFRIEND PERSPECTIVE (Really Serious Literature, 2021). Selected to edit Lambda Literary’s Emerge anthology, their poems were nominated for Best New Poets, Best of the Net, and the Pushcart Award. In 2021, they received the prestigious Brannan Prize from the Poetry Project. Their ALMANAC OF USELESS TALENTS collection is forthcoming from CLASH Books.

Michael chang

About BONK!

HAPPINESS ! exists to bring healing, justice, fairness, joy, connection and quality of life to the Racine community and beyond, through a variety of educational and community development initiatives, including a series of world-class performing arts. Happiness ! The series features poets, writers, musicians, filmmakers and all kinds of talent in between. Founded in the fall of 2008, the BONK! The series has been going on with one event every month for over thirteen years now. HAPPINESS ! Is made possible by the Racine Public Library, the Racine Community Foundation, the Osborne and Scekic Family Foundation, the Friends of the Racine Public Library and the Olde Madrid restaurant.

For more information, you can visit the BONK! website, or contact Alex Reilly at (262) 989-2930 or email us at [email protected]

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UNWTO calls for swift decisions on travel restrictions | Bendigo Advertiser


news world

Countries must decide “today” to apply travel restrictions on the emergence of a new variant of the coronavirus in southern Africa and standardize these rules, especially in Europe, said the head of the tourism body. United Nations based in Madrid. “My recommendation will be to make decisions today, not after a week, because if this continues to spread as we expect it will be late and make no sense to apply restrictions,” the secretary said. General of the United Nations World Tourism Organization, Zurab Pololikashvili. Reuters. He added that countries should follow the recommendations of the World Health Organization when developing travel rules. Associated Australian Press


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Silence as a path and a spiritual encounter


We spoke with Arash Arjomandi and Pablo d’Ors, on the occasion of the dialogue they held in Madrid (Casa Asia), entitled “’Abdu’l Bahá, the master of spirituality without borders”.

While Arjomandi further presented us with the figure of ‘Abdu’l Bahá, d’Ors took us into spaces of silence, where we can meet, meet with each other, and with “the mystery of Light and Love, which is what we call God “.

This meeting is one of the events that the Bahá’í community is organizing around the world these days, in commemoration of the centenary of the death of the son of the Prophet of the Bahá’í Faith, Bahá’u’lláh, who disseminate and develop the principles and proposals of his father across Europe and North America.

Pressenza: For those who do not know his work, what is the contribution that ‘Abdu’l-Baha makes to the Bahá’í community and to the world?

Arash Arjomandi: There is a confluence of several reasons. From the perspective of a Western citizen, according to the media of the time – specifically the New York Daily – he was the first Eastern personality to visit the United States. He was in Europe and North America, spreading a series of principles which, for the time, were very avant-garde. They were all based on spirituality but aimed to improve society, not just the individual and their well-being.

He spoke about gender equality. We are talking about the first decade of the 20th century. But not tangentially, he put it in the center, and said that peace is not possible – let us remember that we are at the gates of the First Great War – if women do not enter the scene. leadership and business administration, something that today’s economy has demonstrated.

On the other hand, he had predicted the Great War two or three years earlier in the American media and people didn’t believe it, but also what could be done to avoid it. Among other things, it is documented that his work and ideas influenced President Woodrow Wilson, through his eldest daughter, to create the League of Nations. There, he spoke of an international governance structure that could arbitrate in conflicts.

He spoke of the need for religions to dialogue with each other. He said: “the most religious thing is to have no religion, if it is to face.”

Another fundamental principle he defended was that religion and believers should respect objective science much more, because this was the only way for the advancement of civilization to have both dimensions: material and spiritual.

What is a century and a while ago has now had a very big imprint, because the Bahá’í community (7 million followers in the world) today works in the world for all these initiatives.

Pressenza: ‘Abdu’l-Baha spread the doctrine of his Father in Europe and North America, as you have pointed out, what is the Baha’i community doing today to transfer these teachings?

Arash Arjomandi: He works on three or four lines at the base, in the neighborhoods; it also has its structures at the UN to influence and promote these ideas of international peace. Abdul Baha speaks of a World Federation of Nations. But at the level of the district, at the base, he works on the spiritual education of the children, but in a very cross-border way, not necessarily starting from a confessional adoption. So it works on education in values, values ​​that are not taught in school, because schools teach secular values, which is fundamental, but they are insufficient.

We also do similar things to what Pablo does, which he does very well, which is to try to promote certain introspective practices, through prayer, meditation, contemplation, because it really helps for good. -being the person. We also have programs with young people, to empower them towards these universal values.

Pressenza: You spoke of bringing spirituality to young people, to children, to the community, without it being confessional, are we talking about a universal spirituality?

Arash Arjomandi: I don’t necessarily mean non-denominational. I mean when the Bahai community or some other community does it, it’s not necessarily to promote the Bahai name, the goal is something else. If, on this path, there is someone who expresses an interest in joining the Bahai community, or other spiritual paths, it is facilitated. I believe that one of the errors of our time is to want to create a spirituality at all costs, emptied of its religious substratum.

“For there to be spirituality, it must produce a fruit of harmony and compassion.

Pressenza: By religious substrate, do you mean associated with certain figures?

Pablo d’Ors: I used to say that religion is the cup and spirituality is the wine. It seems to me a very clear picture. Or if you prefer, the form and the substance. Religion is cultural, linguistic, liturgical, ritualistic forms … for what we call spirituality, which is nothing other than the connection with the deep self, with the mystery of the Self, as we want to call it, or God in religious language.

Spirituality is gaining more and more prestige, curiously, thanks to the discrediting of religion. In other words, many people today define themselves as spiritual, but not religious. When we get into this debate, I always say, “Tell me ten names of non-religious spiritual people,” and hardly anyone is able to give me one name. In our culture, religion has been very associated with spirituality. Maybe they appoint thinkers, or artists… Of course, thought and art can be spiritual, but not necessarily.

For there to be spirituality, in addition to other things, it must produce a fruit of harmony and compassion. That is, harmony towards oneself and compassion towards others. If your religious, artistic, intellectual or altruistic practice does not produce harmony and serve to generate humanity and brotherhood, I would not call it spirituality.

Silence as a path and a spiritual encounter …

Pressenza: What spiritual experience could unite all of Humanity, all men, and how to access it, what steps to take…?

Pablo d’Ors: It’s clear to me. I think we have to move from interreligious dialogue to interreligious silence. Nothing can unite us more than to be together in silence, because I believe that the word can generate, in the best case, intellectual or sentimental affinities. Intellectual: I agree; sentimental: I like you. This is at best, even if it generally generates dissension, even clashes. Whereas silence, under a series of hypotheses – it is not a question of being quiet, just of being quiet – silence, ritualized silence, as an interior search, generates spiritual communion.

Pressenza: Where does the silence you speak of lead?

Pablo d’Ors: To this communion that we are talking about, to realize that if I am in my depths and you are in your depths, this is where the true encounter can be made possible.

The problem is, we’re not down there. As we are in the forms, this is where there is conflict. But if we really managed to be in our own depths, there would be no wars in this world. There would be universal peace. For me, it is universal spirituality.

Arash Arjomandi: I lived this silence. All the people who have done trekking, they experience it. When you go hiking with a group, normally you don’t know most of the people because they are open groups, a very curious phenomenon occurs: after five or ten minutes of walking, in the forest, in the mountains, the feeling that you have is that you have known these people for a long time, always. And often they don’t speak, and I think that’s part of the effect of silence, a silence that makes sense, that is not empty, and that’s where that effect occurs, that is experienced.

Pablo D’Ors: It’s very pretty, I totally agree. In fact, walking or strolling is a spiritual exercise. I think that there, more than the silence, which also influences it, there are two things which generate a kind of fraternity between all the walkers. You actually follow a path and say hello, and you go through town and you don’t say hello to who you pass by, and I think that is due, first of all, to nature. We are good in nature because we are nature. This context brings you back to the fact that there is no difference between one and the other and it evokes you. That is, part of our loss is that we have lost touch with nature. And the second thing is, when you go for a hike, you are on a path. And the path is perhaps the most perfect, most successful metaphor for what human life is. So when you are in a reality as symbolic as a path, you are united with all that exists, with the sun, with others… and because of that, you feel united.

I believe that nature, the path, the walk for example, the interreligious walk, that unites us more than any congress. Well Gandhi already knew that for sure.

What do you hope to find at the end of the road?

On this path you speak of, Pablo, and the one on which you took us, Arash, what are you looking for, what do you hope to find at the end of this path of life, of spirituality?

Pablo d’Ors: Me, meeting God, I am a believer. That is to say with the mystery of Light and Love, which is what we call God.

Arash Arjomandi: That, said from another angle, is the pursuit of happiness, inner and outer well-being. You are looking to be good, but differentiating it from short-term pleasure because this too has been proven – out of all science – that it does not last and requires an escalation effect, that you never finish. On the other hand, when we talk about happiness, inner well-being, satisfaction in life, it is something that is at the bottom, even if we have crises, adversities or difficulties. This is and is, in my opinion, the primary objective of all religious experience. And this is done by finding oneself in the silence of desire, of aspirations, as Buddhism says, but at the same time with this first or last substratum that we can call divinity.

Why do we always feel happy or have a sense of satisfaction when we find something that was our home, our family, our homeland? Because meeting the root is the ultimate experience of well-being, and that ultimate root is our Creator.

Pressenza: A last message for any human being who is looking for …

Pablo d’Ors.– Look with love at your shadow.

And Arash admits: I like Pablo’s sentence, I couldn’t improve it.

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Bo Schembechler statue disfigured after sexual abuse allegations


The statue of Bo Schembechler in Michigan has been disfigured by paint. (Photo by Bill Pugliano / Getty Images)

Content Warning: This story contains cases of sexual abuse and rape.

The statue of Bo Schembechler in Michigan was disfigured with red paint early Wednesday, according to the Detroit Free Press.

Spots of red paint covered parts of the statue’s face, shoulders, chest, legs and feet. The person responsible for the degradation of the statue also left a message of support for survivors of sexual abuse. On the floor near the statue, the words “Bo knew #hailtothevictims” were spray painted black.

An individual claiming to be responsible for the painting emailed the Detroit Free Press and said he wrote the post on behalf of alleged sexual abuse survivors of former Michigan doctor Robert Anderson.

“This action is being carried out in solidarity with the Hail to the Victims campaign,” read the email. “Bo Schembechler has long been considered an iconic Michigan coach, but he knew that Robert Anderson, the team’s doctor in the 1970s and 1980s, sexually assaulted countless players every year. When Bo’s son had him faced with his own assault, Bo hit him and “

Anderson has been charged with 850 cases of sexual abuse, fondling and rape during physical therapy and exams. Anderson – who died in 2008 – spent 35 years as a team doctor in Michigan. Schembechler began coaching the team in 1969 and spent 20 seasons in Michigan.

A number of former Michigan players reportedly informed Schembechler – who died in 2006 – of the alleged abuse at the time, but Schembechler took no action against Anderson. Schembechler’s stepson Matt said he was one of the people who informed Schembechler of Anderson’s abuse after Matt was fondled and digitally penetrated by Anderson during an exam. Matt claimed he was hit by Schembechler after telling him about Anderson.

Michigan to investigate Bo Schembechler statue vandalism

University of Michigan spokesman Rick Fitzgerald told the Detroit Free Press that the school will investigate the situation and “hold those responsible for their actions.”

“We understand and appreciate the passionate advocacy on behalf of those who have been abused by the late Robert Anderson,” he said in a statement. “But the vandalism of the Bo Schembechler statue at the University of Michigan will be fully investigated to hold those responsible for their actions.

“We continue to work towards fair compensation for Anderson survivors through the confidential and court-supervised mediation process and we work every day to make our campus safer for every member of our community. “

The statue incident happened just days before Michigan played Ohio State, the team’s biggest rival.

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