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Coaches receive training to help vulnerable youth – MissionNewswire


10 coaches and educators receive updated training from the Real Madrid Foundation

(MissionNewswire) Ten coaches and educators from the socio-sports school of the Real Madrid Foundation in Pointe Noire, Republic of Congo, had the chance to follow their first online training session on football and ethics. The school has been working in collaboration with the Salesian missionaries since 2012. The coaches and educators have updated their knowledge and they have discovered new educational tools to improve their formation. In addition to sports training, participants attended workshops on health and hygiene issues and children’s rights, and received school materials and food.

The Salesian missionaries run a vocational training center and a program for young people attended by the 120 young people who participate in the socio-sports school of the Real Madrid Foundation. Young people participating in the programs come from poor and vulnerable families who live in Pointe Noire, the second most populous city in the Republic of Congo. Most of the young people live in the Tié-Tié district, where the socio-sports school is located. This neighborhood has high unemployment rates and a shortage of basic supplies and educational and health infrastructure.

Both the Real Madrid Foundation and the Salesians are aware that sport is important for social integration and the promotion of values ​​such as teamwork, communication, respect and team spirit. As part of the “They play, we educate” program of the Real Madrid Foundation, participants receive nutritional, family and psychological support, regular health check-ups, the possibility of participating in social and educational workshops, gymnastics, crafts, reading and civic activities. Training sessions on topics such as health, hygiene, values ​​and prevention of alcohol, tobacco and drug addiction are also offered.

The Salesian Center at Pointe Noire was created in 1964. Since then, the Salesians have created a parish, a youth oratory, a primary and secondary school, a boarding school, a vocational training center and a home for young people in difficulty. Salesian missionaries also provide pastoral care in local prisons.

The population of the Republic of Congo is concentrated in the southwestern part of the country, leaving the vast areas of tropical jungle in the north virtually uninhabited. One of the most urbanized countries in Africa, 70 percent of its total population lives in a few urban areas. In recent years, industrial and commercial activity has declined rapidly in rural areas, leaving rural economies dependent on government for support and subsistence.

According to the Rural Poverty Portal, poverty has worsened in the Republic of Congo since the 1980s, resulting in half of the country’s population living below the poverty line. Almost 65 percent of the country’s poor live in rural areas where nearly 50 percent of the population is unemployed with limited access to education or long-term stable employment. While more than 75 percent of people living in urban centers have access to water, access drops dramatically to 11 percent in rural areas. In addition, more than a third of children under 5 living in rural areas suffer from malnutrition.



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