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‘Elite School League’ begins development camp in Madrid


The football school’s elite team began their development camp in the Spanish capital Madrid today, which will last until Wednesday August 10, and then travel to the Portuguese city of Lisbon to prepare and develop technically players in accordance with the camp schedule.

The team is technically led by Spanish coach Iago Agaler Asun.

The group’s list includes: Khaled al-Rashidi (Al-Qasim Education Department), Ahmed al-Hamidi (Hail Education Department), Abdul Aziz al-Jazari (Hail Education Department) Al-Madina al-Munawara), Abdullah al-Sakran (Education Department Al-Zulfi Education Department), Ahmed Hamdi (Jazan Education Department) and Al-Hassan Munif (Education Department ) Najran), Yazan Madani (Jeddah Department of Education), Rehan Mubarak (Najran Department of Education), Saud Al Enesi (Qassim Department of Education) ), Abdulaziz Al-Ghamdi (Department of Taif Education Department), Abdulaziz Al-Hashlan (Riyadh Education Department) and Azzam Ahmed (Jeddah Education Department), Aqil Al-Dafiri (Hafar Al-Batin Education Department) , Ali Al-Makrami (Najran Department of Education), Fahd Jaizani (Jeddah Department of Education), Mutaib Al-Maliki (Makkah Department of Education), Muhamm ad Al-Duwish (Al-Zulfi Education Department) and Muhammad Dhafer (Najran Education Department), Muhammad Feisa l (Taif Education Department). department), Moaz al-Habib (municipal education department), Moaz al-Masud (al-Zulfi education department) and Muhannad Turki (municipal education department).

The camp will last until August 16 in Madrid and Lisbon, during which three preparatory friendly matches will take place. During the training camp in Madrid, the team will play two friendlies, the first against Getafe on Saturday, August 6, and the second against Real Madrid on Tuesday, August 9, while the mission will go on for some time. Six days from Lisbon, the team will play its third friendly match against Portugal’s Benfica on Saturday 13 August.

The program includes many recreational activities such as visits to the Santiago Bernabéu stadium, home of Real Madrid, the Wanda Metropolitano arenas of Atlético Madrid, Warner Park and Carlos Sans, as well as the stadium of the Lisbon team before the return in Jeddah on August 16. .

The Elite School League team is part of the Ministry of Sports projects it is implementing in partnership with the Ministry of Education to develop the next generation of footballers who will be central to the future of Saudi football.

Head of mission, member of the School League Supervisory Committee, President of the Saudi School Sports Federation Ali Al-Shaylan confirmed that the program of the camp has been prepared in such a way that all players enjoy technical advantages and administrative, and give them great experience through training, friendly matches and technical courses prepared during the internship periods to prepare them well and help them move forward towards their future in football, whether at school or in a club.

Al-Shuaylan expressed his gratitude and appreciation to the parents of all the players for their active cooperation in getting all the players to join the current camp, stressing that this camp is a continuation of the various school league programs that have been started since the beginning. of the School League in its third edition this year. , the most recent being the Combined Elite Kingdom Championship recently held in Jeddah for elite high and high school teams, which saw this current team participate in the development of the camp.