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For many teams, lack of money is as big an issue as lack of cap space.


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As explained last night, the lowering of the $15.7 million cap is compounded by the fact that the cap has increased by at least $10 million a year, every year since 2013. Yet the total difference of at least $25.7 million heading into space is only part of the story for many teams.

In addition to lower cap space, teams are also facing reduced free cash – thanks to losses resulting from the pandemic.

“Look at how much money teams have to spend this year and that’s the truth,” a team executive observed Wednesday night, in response to our article regarding the net cap difference.

Each year, teams set budgets for free agency. These budgets are based on available cash. This year most teams will have a lot less cash on hand than other years, directly due to the fact that most teams had little or no fans in attendance last year but still paid 100 % of the remuneration of all players.

Some teams will have more money than others. The Cowboys, for example, had several games with over 30,000 fans in attendance. So it’s no surprise they’re able to drop $75 million this year on the quarterback. Dak Prescott without a frown. For other teams, finding that kind of money could become a real challenge, at least until the start of the season and the TV money and ticket sales revenue start flowing.