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League abroad prioritizes COVID security


I’m writing in response to Eleanor Chapman’s advice room published in the print edition of the Daily Orange on September 13.

I applaud Chapman’s reminder to students that they are “guests” visiting their host country, and that studying abroad is a privilege, not a right. I particularly draw attention to the writer’s warning that students should have “respect for their host country and the efforts they have made to curb the spread of COVID-19.” I couldn’t agree more.

I would like to note that Syracuse Abroad is supporting studies in five international cities this fall: Strasbourg, France; Florence, Italy; Wroclaw, Poland; Madrid and London. In each case, faculty and staff, both at Syracuse and overseas, have worked tirelessly to support a safe experience that fully encompasses local COVID-19 mitigation efforts and all regulations regarding entry. in the host country. We plan to continue these efforts for both students currently studying abroad and those planning to study in the spring of 2022.

Additionally, Syracuse Abroad has supported successful study experiences in Florence in the spring of 2021 and in Florence, London and Madrid in the summer of 2021. There were very few documented cases of COVID-19 in the two periods of time. ‘study abroad. Finally, I know of only one case in which a student did not obey local rules, and this behavior was recognized, addressed and not repeated.

Whether overseas or in Syracuse, we all face the challenge of being attentive and respectful of local COVID-19 mitigation efforts. International travel and cultural immersion have always required an extra effort to broaden one’s thinking, see the world differently and respect others.


I hope everyone will consider Chapman’s thoughtful article and attend one of the many events highlighting study abroad opportunities this week. Take part in one of our more than 20 virtual events. (Click on here for events planned for Syracuse week abroad, September 13-17.) I would be very happy to discuss specific health and safety efforts for one of our study programs at the foreigner.

Seth A. Tucker

Director, Global Security and Support

Syracuse University


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