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Manchester City midfielder Rodri proves he’s not your typical footballer by earning a business degree


Manchester city Midfielder Rodrigo Hernandez has once again proven that he is not a typical footballer by earning a degree in administration and business management.

The Spaniard enrolled in a business and economics course at the University of Castellon and stayed in student accommodation while playing professionally in La Liga for Villarreal.

And although his career has progressed to the point where he’s a City regular under Guardiola and a full-fledged Spain international, education has remained key for Rodri.

He used the lockdown period to focus on his studies and actually took a viva test (oral exam) just days after Spain’s Euro 2020 opener with Sweden this summer.

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And the same year that he won the Premier League for the first time, he is at the very end of his studies.

“I’m done. I just have to do one last try, a little try, but all the topics, the big try at the end are over,” the former Atletico Madrid man said on Manchester’s official website. City.

“It was hard work, but in the end it was nice.

“You have time for everything. Of course, it is a very demanding job as a footballer because it not only requires playing, training and playing, it is also the rest and the care that you have to take for yourself.

“Imagine coming home at three o’clock to have the whole afternoon free. There are a lot of other things you can do.

“Of course you can’t keep pace with other students, but with patience, with dedication, you can.”

According to Air sports, Rodri’s father wanted him to learn English in his youth, so he was sent to America and Ireland on exchange programs abroad.

When he spoke to Spanish newspaper Marca ahead of the European Under-21 Championship in 2017, it became clear that Rodri was balancing football and education as he was spotted with a ball under one arm and one stack of books on top of each other.

He is a man of simple pleasures. On the pitch, he plays the game in an easy way with his shirt neatly tucked in, and other than that, he doesn’t deal with social media, tattoos, jewelry, or expensive cars.

At one point, his vehicle of choice was a used Vauxhall Corsa which he bought from an elderly woman.

“His car, until recently, was a used Opel Corsa which he bought from a woman when he got his driver’s license,” recalls his friend Valentin Henarejo in a conversation with MARCA.

“They advised him to buy a better one for his safety and the journeys from Madrid to Castellon, but he couldn’t understand why he would spend so much on a car.

“He actually once told me some friends were ‘crazy’ about buying nice cars, all that mattered was that it got you from A to B and that’s it.”


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