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Miriam Ungría, widow of Kardam of Bulgaria, married Jordanian prince Ghazi bin Muhammad


As if the event had little importance, the presence of the King Abdullah of Jordan during the ceremony gives an idea of ​​the level of this royal wedding between Miriam Ungria there Ghazi bin Muhammad. The link between the widow of Bulgarian cardamom and the Jordanian prince was released by the Royal Arab Agency and other Jordanian media. Miriam, baptized Catholic, married in her first marriage, with the Prince Kardam of Bulgaria, by the Orthodox rite, the religion of her first husband.

Islam is the official religion of Jordan. The majority of Jordanians are Sunnis. the king’s daughter-in-law Simeon of Bulgaria and jewelry designer remarried this Saturday in a ceremony attended by King Abdullah, as reported by local newspaper Alrai. The local press also reports the presence of Princes El Hassan bin Talal and Talal bin Muhammad.

Professor of philosophy and writer, he studied at the famous British Harrow School (1979-1984) and graduated with top marks from the North American University of Princeton (1988). He must be a hopeless romantic considering that his university thesis was titled “What is falling in love? : A study of the literary archetype of love”. The new husband of Miriam Ungria he was also educated at Cambridge (1990-1993) and attended Usul al-Din College in Cairo (2007-2010), where he obtained his doctorate.

The princess graduated in art history by the Complutense University of Madrid and specialized in gemmology and design; she also works as an evaluator. She started working from an early age for different brands, until she decided to give her creations her name. She started selling her products in The English Court and little by little it was expanding its market both in Spain and abroad.

The tragedy that changed Ungría’s life in 2008

Seven years after the death of Bulgarian cardamom, the widow of the former heir to the royal family changes dramatically when she becomes the wife of a Muslim prince. Miriam has recently been living at home in London, where she has developed her professional work as a jewelery businesswoman, although she has had good seasons in Madrid with her family.

Seven years ago, Miriam de Ungría lost her husband, Bulgarian cardamom, son of Simeon II, because of the consequences produced by a traffic accident in 2008. He was the heir to the throne of a country that today has no monarchy.

Miriam spent almost eight years awaiting her husband’s care until the day he died and after a situation that proved to be unrecoverable. She herself had suffered terrible consequences in her body and had to recover from her injuries to her arm. Years after being widowed, she moved to London, where her children, Boris and Beltrán live, and where she works as a businesswoman. “It’s not an escape, it’s a way forward. When I lived in the outskirts of Madrid and went to live in the center, it was not an escape but a new chapter in the book of life. And now that the other chapter is in London”, he explained in 2018 to the magazine Hi.

His children are studying in London. The eldest, Boris, is 22 and last year graduated from the London School of Fine Arts at Wimbledon. Boris of Bulgaria is the one who currently holds the title of Prince of Tirnovo and, therefore, heir to a Bulgarian throne, despite Bulgaria being a republic. The little one, Beltrán, who is 21, studies physics. After his father’s death, Boris and Beltrán from Bulgaria attended high school at an Austrian boarding school and then began their higher education in the UK.

“I am very well in London. From a professional point of view, this is a very good opportunity. Everything is moving a lot there,” the princess said not long ago. The death of his mother, Carmen López Oleaga, Marchioness of Montefalcón, was another terrible blow.

Her daughter dedicated the following message to her on social media: “Goodbye, mom. I will keep your smile, your amazing green eyes and our naps in your bed, curled up next to you and smelling your skin, still wonderful at 92 years old.

During the Marchesa’s funeral, celebrated at the end of the same month in the Jerónimos church in Madrid, the designer did not part with her father, Bernardo de Ungría y Goibarri. His in-laws, Simeón of Bulgaria and Margarita Gómez-Acebo, and even Queen Sofía and Infanta Elena attended the ceremony, as the Bulgarian family has good relations with the Spanish crown.

It was during the funeral of Prince Kardam of Bulgaria that King Felipe and his sister the Infanta Cristina were seen together for the first time since the proclamation of the current monarch, separated after the scandal of the Nóos affair. .

Before the death of her husband, De Ungría had already started her own jewelry business. He founded MdeU in 2014 and four years later decided to move to London.

Kardam’s memories of Bulgaria will always be there, but she overcame adversity. “I don’t consider myself an example of anything. I think I’m privileged. I think I lived through very special moments. Obviously, I wish nothing had happened, but it was a journey that makes you live and mature,” he explained years ago.