Other countries must “step up and do more” to immunize world and stop spread of omicron, urges Sajid Javid


The measures announced yesterday to slow the spread of omicron are in line with “scientifically sound” actions, a Sage adviser suggested.

Calum Semple, professor of child health and epidemic medicine at the University of Liverpool, reportedly not drawn to the policy response to the virus – but has signaled his support for a strategy that gives researchers more time to learn specific details on omicron.

“With what we know about the biology of this virus, it would be scientifically sound to take steps to give our recall campaign time to get ahead of the virus and better understand the virus,” he told Sky News.

“We don’t want people to panic because the vaccine booster shots we have are so effective in boosting antibody levels. We can be optimistic that people who have been vaccinated and who have received a booster will be protected from an attack. serious illness.”

Prof Semple noted that the “expectation” was that the omicron variant will replace the delta variant, which is currently dominant in the world, but predicted that Christmas would be “much better” than last year.

When asked if the masks made enough of a difference, he hinted at “definitive research” in the British Medical Journal this week showing that “it absolutely reduces transmission” of Covid. He added that a combination of “hands, face, space absolutely works… I welcome the news that we will be wearing face masks in England”.

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