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Prosecutors investigate after anti-LGBT + Nazis march in Madrid


Demonstrators carrying drums march through the streets of Madrid (Twitter / @ SoyMmadrigal)

The Madrid prosecutor’s office is investigating after hundreds of people with Nazi paraphernalia marched through the Spanish capital chanting homophobic slurs.

On Saturday, September 18, around 200 protesters gathered in Madrid’s LGBT-friendly Chueca neighborhood, known for being the center of the annual Spanish pride celebrations.

The crowd was heard shouting ‘get the f ** s out of our neighborhood’ and ‘get these sidosos [a slur for people living with AIDS] out of Madrid ”as they marched with drums towards Puerta del Sol Square, escorted by riot police and several national police vans.

Several protesters wore T-shirts and tattoos of fascist and Nazi symbols, set off flares and some gave the Nazi salute, witnesses said Reuters.

Others held up Spanish flags and symbols of the Juventud Nacional, an organization linked to the far-right Spain 2000 party, calling for a “Christian, non-Muslim Spain”.

Regional prosecutors confirmed on Monday (September 20) that they had opened a hate crime investigation following a request from the Equality Minister Irene Montero, who called the march “homophobic and racist”.

She was also sentenced by the deputy mayor of Madrid, Begoña Villacís, who tweeted: “If Chueca is free, if Madrid is free, it’s because we don’t care the least about those who choose to come out of the closet, but those who, recently, have decided to get out of the cave. .

One person has already been arrested for “assaulting another demonstrator,” according to Madrid city council spokesperson Inmaculada Sanz.

The march was organized by the San Blas-Canillejas association, which told the authorities that it would be dedicated to “Say no to the 2030-2050 agenda”, El Pais reports.

The 2030-2050 agenda refers to the reforms planned by the government in the fields of education, health, taxes, employment, pensions and the environment, but when the protesters started chanting “ Out with queers ”and“ Here are the fascists ”it became very clear that the goal was not on sustainable development.

The surge in anti-LGBT + sentiment comes months after the gruesome murder of Samuel Luiz, a 24-year-old gay man whose shocking murder in July sparked international outrage.

The Spanish government promised this month that it would create specialized groups within the interior ministry and police force to prevent hate crimes and support victims.


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