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School accused of depriving latecomers of education


The King Kauluma coeducational school in the Oshikoto region is accused of depriving children of education as latecomers are sent home.

Some parents at the school say more than 20 students are sent home daily.

“How are these children supposed to succeed academically when they miss classes? Most of them walk more than 6 km each day to and from school. get ready and walk to school,” said a worried parent. .

“As of 8:30 a.m. you find students in uniform walking away from the school – all have turned away.

“If a student is late three times a week, that means they only have two teaching days a week,” another parent explained.

School principal Andrew Akawa said this week that sending students home for being late is a disciplinary measure.

“Most of these children are deliberate. The delays have become too great. You will find five students absent from a class from 08:25 until 09:00 or 10:00.

“We had meetings with the parents about it,” Akawa said.

“Parents need to understand that we are doing this for the good of their children. They miss the first three lessons of school when they arrive late.

“Actually, before we started these measurements, you would find half of the students in class, but now 95% of the class is full,” he said.

Oshikoto Region Director of Education Eises Thanises said yesterday she could not comment yet.

“We are currently investigating the allegations and will update you on the findings once we are finished,” she said.