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Spanish press criticized for manipulating Cuban issue


In a detailed report titled “Super Yunior, Cuban Dictatorship, Freedom of the Press and Other Fallacies,” LaTercerainformación.es, which promotes a counter-hegemonic analysis platform, pointed out that “November 15,” the expected date for illegal marches in Cuba, “very quickly out of tune”.

“Once again, as loud as he blew out his sound, he fell into space and silence. If this disorder that directs us has succeeded in having an impact on something, it is at the level of ideas, “he stressed.

“This space confirms that capitalism is much more than an economic system. This disorder which dictates consciences and doctrines cannot accept disobedience ”.

The source said that in 1959, Cuba had the audacity to pull through; and he did it unceremoniously, on the fast track, that of an armed revolution, thus initiating, paradoxically, the passage to what Frei Betto called “the political form of love”.

The text also described the campaigns facing the Cuban Revolution, since the purchase of wills, in addition to the investment of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in bribes, pensions, scholarships and grants. to conventions, academic projects, editorials and “freelancers”. magazines, intended to neutralize, confuse or cause bankruptcies in Eastern Europe, Western Europe and the United States.

Returning to the present, La Tercerainformación made the following reflection:

“What we saw on the 15th in the international media about Cuba is the result of years of orchestrated cultural warfare against love and politics. Victories in this type of war have several advantages. The most obvious is that it does not leave traces of blood or broken bricks ”.

“On the 15th, radio and television broadcasts put Cuba in the spotlight. To give just one example, Radio ‘Nacional de España’ begins the morning show by talking about the lack of press freedom in a debate where all ‘points of view’ think the same thing, each reproducing with more ingenuity the monolithic version of the Global North ”.

The media stressed that “it does not matter that in Cuba, a country historically dependent, underdeveloped and under blockade for six decades, human development indicators are among the first in the world. Data on life expectancy, illiteracy, schooling or access to health reach or exceed the so-called first world ”.

Apparently, it doesn’t matter “that in the midst of a criminal blockade, Cuba produced five vaccines against Covid-19, as well as drugs for its treatment and took care of its population with preventive measures, including restricting its more major source of income: tourism ”.

The representatives of reason in the West will never cast their eyes on this. The important thing is that Cuba withdrew the powers of the EFE agency, which was founded during the Spanish Civil War by a member of Phalange and several times minister of (Francisco) Franco, Serrano Suñer, who declared that the name comes from the initial letter of ‘Falange’ and ‘Fe’, his propaganda organ, the article said.

Oddly, Spanish digital media said that “he has a collaboration agreement with the city of Miami, which requires him to make ‘sketches and reports that reflect the fulfillment of the’ American dream ‘in this city.”

Knowing that Miami is the enclave of the anti-Cuban mafia, it is not necessary to specify in which pattern the agency’s information on Cuba fits, he said.

Regarding Yunior García, the playwright turned leader of a group allegedly confronted with the Cuban government, LaTercerainformación commented on the character’s “announced desire to walk the streets of Havana alone after the refusal of the Old Havana Municipal Board to his claim on Mars.

“He would not do it because, as he denounced it, they blocked his exit from his house. The next day, other activists of “Archipiélago” published on the networks that their leader was missing, and demanded from the government proof of life. What we did not know until Wednesday was that, while his companions denounced his disappearance, Yunior was flying from Cuba, ”he said.

” Where to go ? In the Kingdom of Spain! with a tourist visa. The playwright said in an interview that he was broken by the pressure he was under. However, according to the newspaper El País, diplomatic sources indicated that for days they had made discreet arrangements for García’s trip, ”the text adds.

“Having listened to his statements in Madrid, in tune with his script, it would have seemed credible had it not been for the proven allegations of his links with organizations funded by the United States, such as USAID, NED or Carnegie. Fund for International Peace. , all linked to the CIA, ”he concluded.

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