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Surf victims Richard and Maria Teresa Rovirosa greeted


Alejandra and Adriana Rovirosa stood by the altar at Epiphany Church in Miami on Friday and read a letter to their parents, Maria Teresa and Richard Rovirosa, who died after the collapse of Champlain Towers South on the 24th. June.

“Thank you for being the best parents. We are honored and grateful to be your daughters,” Alejandra Rovirosa told dozens of people gathered at the church near the University of Miami campus, according to the live feed. of the funeral mass.

Frank Rovirosa, their uncle who stood with them at the altar, said his brother and sister-in-law – known to their families as Ricky and Maituca – were living a good life.

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“You hear people say how fragile life is and how you have to live it to the fullest, because you never know when your time will come. Ricky and Maituca made a point of doing it, ”he said. “Whether it was their annual ski trips, visiting Carmel and many other places, they enjoyed their lives.

They shared the same birthday and had been married for over 30 years

Born in Houston, Richard Rovirosa, 60, grew up in Venezuela, El Salvador and Puerto Rico until the family moved to Miami, where he attended high school.

A graduate of Loyola University in New Orleans, he joined the family business of material handler, participating in the management of various Rovirosa companies, their obituaries.

Shown are Ricky Rovirosa (aka Richard George Rovirosa or Richard Rovirosa) and Maituca Rovirosa (or possibly Maria Rovirosa).  Posters of some of the missing from the Champlain Towers south condo collapse in Surfside, Fla. Were pictured on Monday, June 28, 2021 at the memorial fence near the scene.

Born and raised in Madrid, Spain, the family of Maria Teresa Rovirosa, 58, moved to New Jersey when she was a teenager and later moved to Miami, where she completed her final year of high school and a associate’s degree from Miami-Dade Community College. .

She worked at Verifone, the electronic payment company, for over 15 years until she devoted herself to her family, according to their obituary.

Maria Teresa and Richard Rovirosa were “twin flames”, both born on January 23 two years apart, according to their obituaries. They got engaged within six months of their first meeting and married a year later, in 1986. They remained happy for over 30 years.

Adriana Rovirosa said her parents were leading by example.

“I want to thank you for instilling in us the values ​​and qualities that make us the women we are today. It is through your example and the way you have led your life that we will remember you forever, ”she said.

Adriana Rovirosa said her father supported her through tough times in college and gave her credit for her subsequent academic success.

“Dad, I don’t think I could have done this without your support. You trusted me to take my education in hand and manage it as I thought it would, and I kept that trust, ”she said.

Alejandra Rovirosa said her father sometimes gave her “the right amount of hard love”. She remembered the times they walked on the beach and when her father convinced her to wear blue crabs in their bike helmets to cook at home later.

“Our beach walks were my favorite,” she said.

‘Well mom today is like a first day’

Adriana Rovirosa remembered when her mother tied her hair up in two “pigtails” before taking her to her first day of preschool.

“I remember getting scared that day and crying when you left. Something that happened in all of my early days. Well Mom, today is like a first day, ”she said.

Adriana Rovirosa also said that her mother was the person who kept the family together.

“I could thank you for a million little things, but what I really thank you for is being the glue of our family,” she said.

Alejandra Rovirosa said her mother was a great listener and the “best bargain-hunter” she had ever met.

“You were the best listener, which also made you aware of all the ‘chism’,” she said, using the Spanish word for ‘gossip’.

Frank Rovirosa said love will live on following their death.

“While our lives will never be the same without Ricky and Maituca, they will live on in our memories and in our hearts for the rest of our lives,” he said.

Omar Rodríguez Ortiz is a government reporter for the Naples Daily News.


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