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The JN Foundation awards 37 PEP scholarships


Thirty-seven students who recently enrolled in high schools across the country received five-year scholarships in recognition of their outstanding performance in this year’s Primary Exit Profile (PEP). Recipients will be officially recognized as JN Fellows at a virtual scholarship reception to be held on Sunday, September 26.

The JN Foundation will honor one student from each parish and county, while 20 of the recipients are children of Jamaica National Group employees.

This year’s scholarship is in addition to approximately 100 JN Scholars, who are in various stages of their five-year scholarship, and whose awarded amounts will be renewed for the new school year.

JN Fellowship recipient for St Elizabeth Parish, Sydonia Nembhard, said she was delighted to be selected for this year’s award.

“I was proud and excited because my mom wouldn’t have to pay all the expenses,” she said, adding that because she lives far from her new school, the transportation costs would be high.

Sydonia, an honor roll student and the top PEP student at Hopewell Preparatory School, achieved a placement score of 100 in Mental Ability this year and achieved 90 in Language Arts and Mathematics when she was still in fourth grade to secure a place at Hampton School, a girls’ institution, also in St. Elizabeth, which was her school of choice.

Claudine Allen, Executive Director of the JN Foundation, the philanthropic arm of the Jamaica National Group, congratulated the award recipients on their accomplishments despite the challenges they faced with online learning during a pandemic year.

She pointed out that the annual scholarships are part of several sustainable initiatives that are undertaken each year.help people find a way.

“Our goal is to invest and empower our children to succeed in school. In a few years, they will make a contribution to the development of our country, and we want them to have the opportunity to start establishing their leadership skills early on by ensuring that they get a good foundation in their education. At a time when many parents are struggling financially to provide the necessities of education for their children, it was important for us to provide the necessary support, ”said Ms. Allen.

Approximately 550 scholarship applications were received through the JN Foundation website for this year’s award. As part of scholarship eligibility, students and their parents must have been a member, client, or client of JN of the Jamaica National Group for at least one year.

This year PEP parish scholarship recipients areDante Butler, Almonique Hutchinson, Lliana Lammie, Tehilia Richards, Joel-lee Knight, Damir Fairclough, Djimon Staines, Kyle Walker, Sydonia Nembhard, Xaria Binns, Diamond Lahoud, D’Ashley McLean, Rhaymone Stewart and Jameilia Wright

JN Bank Easi Save winners are Ayana Blake, Aaliyah Gordon and Zane Thompson.

Child recipients of JN employees are Camron Betton, Jordanne ‘Newell, Dejario Dickson, Adrielle Jones, Hannah Lyons, Danielle Sinclair, Myles Morgan, Deshawn Daley, Jaylon Wilson, Makiya Malabre, Ebony-Jade Austin, Amirah Ben-Mohammed, Nadera Binns, Dario Wynter, Nia Yong , Reuel Allen, Dejon Barrett, Celina Brightly, Joshane Wilson and Khloe’-Renee ‘Dacres.

In addition to the PEP scholarships, 16 graduate students, attending the University of the West Indies, Jamaica University of Technology, University of the Northern Caribbean and Commonwealth University College, will receive financial aid to continue their studies. . studies.


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