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The “School League Players” camp ended in Lisbon


An elite high school football camp based in the Portuguese capital of Lisbon is nearing completion after the first phase of the development camp program took place in the Spanish capital of Madrid.

This is part of the Schools League’s Schools Football Talent Unleashing project, which is being implemented by the Department of Sport in conjunction with the Department of Education in its third season to prepare a new generation for football. Saudi.

The first stage of the school league elite team development camp began in Madrid on August 2 and included lectures, technical lessons and on-field training under the guidance of Spanish coach Iago Agaler Azun . The team played test matches, the first against Getafe. the 6th of this month, which ended in victory for the Spanish national team (4-1), and the second victory against Real Madrid on the 9th of the same month (0-1).

The first stage included an initiation and entertainment program, including a visit to the Santiago Bernabéu stadium, as well as the facilities of the Getafe club, the Carlos Sanz kart track and the Al Retiro park, as well as a visit to the goalkeeper Belgian from Real Madrid. Thibaut Courtois, at camp headquarters and meeting with players from the school elite league.

The team then moved to the Portuguese city of Lisbon and yesterday, Saturday, played a friendly match against the Portuguese team Benfica, which ended in a positive draw 3: 3, and scored a goal for the elite school league team, the Abdullah Al-Duo Hashlane. (two goals) and Moaz Al Habib (goal) and the development camp will end tomorrow, Monday.

On the other hand, under the School League Joint Project implemented by the Ministry of Sports in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, the Saudi Football Talent Development Scholarship Team has invited the duo of Fahd Bakri and Mu’ayyad Abed to join the training camp. which will be held in Jeddah province, after showing outstanding levels during the Elite School League team camp in Spain and Portugal.