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The Spanish IE University promotes diversity, innovation and entrepreneurship through a model of humanistic education. Here’s how – Sponsored


The educational institution offers a one-of-a-kind learning experience by uniquely integrating online and in-person education.

IE University has supported 7,000 students from over 130 countries on campus, 30 offices around the world and over 60,000 alumni.

Founded in 1973, IE University now has more than 500 professors teaching bachelor’s, master’s and executive programs on campuses in Madrid, Segovia and online.

They have built a unique educational ecosystem based on four key pillars: innovation, entrepreneurship, diversity and a focus on the humanities.

The culmination of their vision is “liquid learning,” a methodology that removes the boundaries between online and in-person education, resulting in a flexible and highly interactive educational journey that breaks traditional barriers to learning.

Foster entrepreneurial skills

IE University encourages disruptive and innovative thinking and takes pride in the fact that 25% of its alumni have started their own businesses.

All of their programs are taught from a practical and entrepreneurial perspective, encouraging students to design and apply solutions in the real world. This approach is exemplified by the wide range of initiatives designed to foster entrepreneurship and provide a platform for startups.

IE Startup Labs offers training, networking opportunities, resources and support to start new businesses.

IE Venture Labs puts student startups ahead of angel investors, venture capitalists, and other entrepreneurs.

They also run a Business Plan Challenge which gives students the opportunity to present ideas to investors in a competitive environment, gain visibility and hone their pitching skills.

Building sustainably designed campuses

New innovation hub and latest addition to Madrid’s skyline, the IE Tower is a beacon of sustainable architecture and a new benchmark in cutting-edge education that seamlessly integrates elements of AI, virtual reality. and augmented reality in the classrooms of the future.

Built with social, economic and environmental sustainability at the heart of its design and construction, it comprises 7,000 square meters of green space spread over three distinct areas.

It is a dynamic space designed to encourage personal and academic growth.

Global reach and diversity

With over 130 nationalities on campus, their international perspective is reflected in a unique global community.

Remarkably, 69% of their staff, 39% of their faculty, and 51% of their undergraduate students are women, with the IE Center for Diversity in Global Management focused on creating a fairer world since 2002.

With more than 30 offices around the world, IE University provides local and personalized support to applicants, students, alumni, parents, institutions and businesses.

Their international offices work in international recruiting, regional networking, community engagement and alumni, creating a global business ecosystem and lifelong learning experiences.

They have forged partnerships with companies and educational partners around the world, offering joint and double degrees with world-renowned academic institutions, exchange programs, corporate partnerships and international alliances with companies and institutions. global institutions.

Their unique methodology and approach have been recognized around the world.

Being among the pioneers in providing online MBA since 2001, they were ranked # 1 in the world by QS and # 2 in the world by the Financial Times in 2021.

IE University values ​​the human qualities, achievements and ambitions of students as well as their academic talent, and seeks to give all students access to the best educational experience, regardless of their financial situation.

With more than 6,000 scholarships awarded over the past five years, they help motivated young minds make the social impact their talent and candidacy deserves.

The goal of IE University is to create visionaries who will disrupt existing paradigms and produce creative solutions to the problems of a changing world.

Visit their website to learn more about the personal, educational and professional transformational journey of IE University students.

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