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The Storyboard Artist Behind 30 Pieces Returns Home


After three years, due to the restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic, Pablo Buratti de Corrientes, who has lived in Spain and painted for more than 10 years, imagines the filmmaker Pedro Almodovar, with his family See you soon and his land native. Since deciding to settle with his family in the homeland in search of new horizons, it is the first time that he has spent so much time away from his love, although his father, Carlos Buratti, explained to Norte de Corrientes: “We will never be far away. Because even in times of pandemic, thanks to the magic of new technologies, with video calls, we could enjoy seeing each other, feeling the color of each other’s voice from any distance, and He filled joy this phase of our life.

Pablo has been in Corrientes since tomorrow and will be protected by the affectionate love of those close to him, who from the beginning have supported and encouraged him in each of his decisions in the pursuit of studies and work. His parents encouraged him to go on a cultural and educational exchange tour for a year. So, when he was only 17, he moved to Canada and found a young man from those countries there. He is finishing his last year of high school there. The young couple in which their exchange failed, one spoke English and the other French, and they used it interchangeably, which helped them improve their basic English and learn a lot of French. On his return from Canada, he graduated as a graphic designer and worked briefly in family businesses (advertising and printing) and was again encouraged by his parents when there was a major advertising agency in Resistencia. The doors were open to them. He took the same attitude when he won a scholarship to pursue a career in film/production in Buenos Aires, and after graduating there he seriously considered moving to Spain, because the country offered its professionals Due to the lack of opportunities, the possibility of settling in Spain was seriously considered. region.. and once again, with the support of his parents (Carlos and Dora), he travels with his wife to the Old Continent. Thus began the story that later made him one of the closest people to the famous filmmaker Pablo Almodovar. “But there was never a separation. At that time it was possible – financially – and a year later we went to visit him. And then every two years and when he built himself up financially , we did it alternately”, proudly explain his parents.

Today he is recognized as a storyboard artist from Corrientes based in Spain, who has worked with personalities such as Pedro Almodovar, Alex de la Iglesia or JA Bayona in the creation of works such as “30 Monadas”, ” The Impossible” or “Dolore y Gloria”. Worked with. “. function is to capture on paper what is going on in the minds of these creators and to create a kind of beacon. This is called the storyboard, on which all the departments involved in the production depend.

“The work of a screenwriter has two objectives. First, bring the filmmaker closer to the images he has in mind and start bringing them down to earth to plan what will be staged. It’s his first contact, it’s the film that he imagines, that he projects in his head and with which he begins to build his narrative structures from a visual point of view”, he explained to North of Corrientes.

Thanks to the storyboard – he said – the camera and the photography team know which shots the director wants to shoot and they start working according to this framework, analyzing the pros and cons, its possibilities, what can be a shock. Here too the production has a lot to say because it is one thing for the director to tell you more or less what he is planning and another thing is to put it on paper. With this material, the production can also begin to manage any specific filming requirements for the planning of said scene.

The art department also offers drinks from storyboards. With this, they adapt to the frame, identifying what the needs are in terms of places, settings, decorations. And so they establish a more restricted framework.

Storyboards are the technical period from which all departments begin to fish out their own information so that it can be managed in some way with the production and the director.

Pablo’s work is the first visual approximation of the director’s ideas, although with the humility that characterizes him, he also emphasizes that his work is not a necessary tool. “A lot of movies actually shoot without storyboards. But it’s a really useful tool when it comes to putting a starting point on the scenes that the director wants to do and then they get up in a shoot so that the rest of the team has The information is very concrete, very clear, very visual and everything is very clear to be managed correctly,” he remarked.

The young artist, who was able to fully enjoy his family for the last time in 2019, today embraced his parents again to smell the scent of his father’s house and his native land. The last time he came here was three and a half years ago – “in July 2019, for my birthday” – his father told this media-. The precise detail – difficult to repeat – is that Carlos and Dora were able to reunite their five children, nine grandchildren, and their grandmothers and great-grandmothers on this occasion. “You see, I am very familiar and it is the family, with my friends, the greatest asset that has been harvested in my earthly journey. The pandemic has prevented me from meeting, in physical presence, Pablo and my grand- daughter Cassandra. Just over three years old, but every birthday or special event for every family member was present thanks to technology, so hugs today would be, for many, long hugs that we shared with each other others because apparently he was always sentimental,” concluded Carlos Buratti, leaving.

Your book

“This book presents me with a dream come true that confirms that betting on the one who dreams is usually worth it. I have a memory, back in September 2001, at El Deso ( arrived in Madrid, leaving the offices of Pedro (producer and producer. Agustin Almodovar), leaving the resume at reception, then told his wife, ‘I just wanted to set foot on this site, I don’t think they’ll ever call me’. But they did. called and he’s still there.