They suspend a teacher for saying there are only two sexes: female and male


Spanish teacher suspended for six months to teach that there are only two sexes, female and male. Jesús Luis Barrón López, professor of biology and geology at the public institute of Alcalá de Henares IES Complutense, located on the outskirts of Madrid, has been suspended for 6 months of work and partially of salary.

The teacher told his students, young people under the age of 15, that males are born with XY chromosomes and females with XX chromosomes And, although they can be transformed by operations, genetically, they will still continue to have XY or XX chromosomes.

The teacher filed a lawsuit in the courts of Alcalá de Henares at the hands of Abogados Cristianos, who also started a petition for signatures to urge the Minister of Education of the Community of Madrid, Enrique Ossorio, at dismiss the director of IES Complutense, Ilenia Megías Chico, and the regional education inspector who “intimidated and discriminated against” for speaking “scientific truths”.

Jesús Luis Barrón López, the suspended professor from Madrid.

For the Association, the teachings of this professor respond to something “biologically obvious” such that there are two sexes, the female and the male, and what happened is because the director and the inspector “respond to the ideological steamroller of the LGTBI collective ”.

“By asking for explanations, they took a repressive attitude against the professor, making a complete abuse of his power, and intimidating him with impertinent questions of a political and ideological nature”, affirms Abogados Cristianos.

“Without a doubt, we do not want a group to be discriminated against or attacked … Now we are not going to allow Barrón to be suspended from his job and his salary for having defended scientifically proven facts”, insist- they.

LGBT communities interviewed the teacher.

LGBT communities interviewed the teacher.

The president of Abogados Cristianos, Polonia Castellanos, has confirmed that they will fight to have the suspension of the job and salary of this professor, with decades of teaching experience, declared void.

The professor, who has been practicing his profession for over 25 years, explained that when he arrived at this institute, he started to see that they were talking about gender identity, but that he didn’t think it was. was because, according to him, “They used obscene drawings, practices and videos that even bordered on porn.”

Jesús Luis Barrón López and his lawyer.

Jesús Luis Barrón López and his lawyer.

After consulting with the management, he was allowed to talk about sexuality in one of his classes. However, after dictating his chair, the school principal, Ilenia Megías Chico, sanctioned him because he received complaints from parents of pupils.

Critics say the professor went on to say that there were only two sexes, male and female. Additionally, he explained that transgender people, even if they change their genitals through surgery, will continue with their birth chromosomes.

The public institute of Alcalá de Henares IES Complutense, located on the outskirts of Madrid,

The public institute of Alcalá de Henares IES Complutense, located on the outskirts of Madrid,

After receiving the warning and the suspension from teaching, the teacher stated that he never intended to “hurt feelings”, and that “It’s like they’re judging me for saying the Earth is round.”

The controversy reached the Ministry of Education, which studied the case of the teacher and supported him, because, according to the entity, “in the classrooms you have to learn what the program says you must learn. Therefore, we don’t want any kind of indoctrination. “

In the meantime, his file will remain open, and while he is removed from the educational community for having been considered “persona non grata” by the school principal.

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