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Top 10 Data Science Coding Schools To Boost Your Career


by Shivani Muthyala

July 2, 2021

Data Science Coding Schools to help launch a career in Data Science

In recent years, the scope of data science has grown with large amounts of data being produced across the world. It also increases the opportunities for scientists and data enthusiasts who can process and analyze the data for new information. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates a 15% increase in the demand for skilled data scientists over the next decade due to meeting data needs. This means that taking a data science course could help you break into this in-demand field, which can significantly boost your career. Data science courses can not only help you find a job, but also keep you in the field longer. Here are the 10 best data science coding schools to help you launch a career in data science. Let’s move quickly to the article to learn more about them.

1. Propulsion academy

Learning mode: online and offline (Munish, Zurich)

Propulsion Academy offers opportunities to learn about new technologies, tools and techniques needed to master all areas of data science from scratch. This academy offers data science courses such as full-time Data Science Bootcamp, part-time Data Science Bootcamp covering topics such as back-end development, blockchain, cryptography, CSS, R, Python, learning automatic coding and processing of natural language. Students can apply this knowledge and skills in the real world with its industrial projects. The academy also offers career support in terms of jobs and careers.

2. NYC Data Science Academy

Learning mode: online and offline (NYC)

The NYC Data Science Academy offers three courses: an Online Bootcamp, a Remote Live Bootcamp, and a Professional Development Course. The Online Bootcamp is both full-time and part-time, the Remote Bootcamp is a full-time course, and Professional Development is a full-time course as well. The academy’s subjects include data science, data visualization, Git, Hadoop, Linux, coding, and Python.

3. Data Science Retreat

Learning mode: offline (Berlin)

The Data Science Retreat offers full-time, immersive data science courses. Topics include Big Data, Data Science, Machine Learning, Python, Tensorflow, and many more. Upon completion of the courses, graduates will have projects that will be presented to potential employers. Career coaching services include CV support, hands-on interviews, and LinkedIn updates.

4. Cambridge Spark Ltd.

Learning mode: offline (Cambridge, London)

Cambridge Spark Ltd offers a number of applied coding courses in data science. Topics include data science, Hadoop, machine learning, Python, coding, and more. It offers 14-month blended courses in data science and AI. Aimed at current offices and professionals, the program simulates real-world projects with Cambridge Spark’s KATE (Knowledge Assessment Teaching Engine) platform.

5. Charrette Academy

Learning mode: offline (Singapore)

Hackwagon Academy offers many data science courses with unique topics like CSS, Cyber ​​Security, Data Science, Data Visualization, HTML, Python, R, etc. The academy offers three crash courses: Data Science 101, Data Science 102, and Data Science 103. In Data Science 101, students learn programming concepts, in 102, students learn machine learning and python coding. In Data Science 103, they learn end-to-end analytics.

6. Galvanize

Learning mode: online and offline (Austin, Denver, Los Angeles, NYC, San Francisco)

Galvanize offers full-time, part-time, and online data science prep courses. Full-time courses last 13 weeks. It also offers online programming courses. The different types of courses are Data Science Immersive, Data Science Prep, Data Science Analytics Online immersive. Topics include Big Data, CSS, Data Analytics, Data Mining, Data Science, Coding, Python, and more.

7. Ubiqum Code Academy

Learning mode: online and offline (Barcelona, ​​Geneva, Madrid)

Ubiqum, Code Academy offers many immersive data science courses. They have campuses in Amsterdam, Barcelona, ​​Berlin, Lisbon and Madrid. The courses contain topics such as AJAX, algorithms, AWS, Big Data, Python coding and many more. Students take full-time and part-time courses and can learn data mining in R language and Python.

8. Speed ​​up

Learning mode: offline (Hong Kong)

Xccelerate, offers many data science courses such as data science, machine learning, full-time and part-time crash python courses. Topics include AJAX, artificial intelligence, blockchain and crypto, CSS coding, Python, and many more.

9. BrainStation

Learning mode: online and offline (Boston, Chicago, London, Miami, NYC)

BrainStation offers full-time online and offline courses on campus. The courses offered by the academy are the Data Analysis Certification Course, the Data Science Diploma and Coding. Topics include A / B Testing, Agile, Algorithms, APIs, iOS Development, Python Programming, and many more. Students will also be helped in their careers after completing their courses, such as helping them add LinkedIn portfolios and resumes, etc.

10. Masters of developers

Learning mode: offline (Irvine, Lacey, Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Monica)

Dev Masters offers many data science courses such as MSc in Applied Data Science, Data Science for Professionals, MSc in Applied Data Science with Deep Learning, Coding, and many more. Topics include Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Data Science, Machine Learning, and Python Coding. The academy is intensive with part-time and full-time classes.


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