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Vinicius Jr inspired by Marcus Rashford as Real Madrid star charts new course


Manchester United striker and England international Marcus Rashford is celebrated in the UK for his campaign work and he inspired Real Madrid striker Vinicius Jr to promote education in Brazil

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Real Madrid striker Vinicius Junior has revealed he was inspired by Marcus Rashford as he launched a new project to improve social mobility in Brazil.

The 21-year-old wants to make his country of origin more egalitarian and through Instituto Vini Jr, the Base application has been designed to help young children from disadvantaged backgrounds have better access to education.

University education in Brazil is free, but wealthier parents tend to send their children to private fee-paying schools, which many argue results in a societal imbalance in access to education.

Vinicius – whose former school in Rio de Janeiro launched the app – now wants more Brazilian children to learn through football.

Real Madrid striker Vinicius Jr wants to improve education in Brazil

The Real Madrid star has now admitted he was inspired by the actions of Manchester United striker and England international Rashford.

The Manchester-born striker has established himself as one of the UK’s leading anti-racism, homelessness and child hunger activists.

Rashford – who was brought up in modest circumstances – used his platform to campaign for a number of societal issues with his campaign against food poverty and the promotion of free school meals, the most important of them.

Speaking of his inspiration for his Brazilian project, Vinicius said in an interview with The Guardian: “I just thought I could do more and I’m doing more.

Real Madrid star Vinicius Jr scored twice in Champions League win over Liverpool last season


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“We have a lot of examples of athletes doing this. I was inspired by what LeBron James, Lewis Hamilton and Marcus Rashford are doing.

“So I started doing something for my neighborhood first, but who knows if it can grow across Brazil.”

Vinicius is the sole investor in Instituto Vini Jr, on which he has spent around £ 275,000 of his own money.

He described that the app “will unite football and education” to make learning “more fun” for children and encourage them to continue their education.

The Brazilian insisted that he was focusing on closing the “great educational gap” that existed between the rich and the poor within his country, with the fundamental belief of making education widely accessible to all.

Marcus Rashford became the recipient of an honorary doctorate from the University of Manchester for his campaign against child poverty


University of Manchester)

“They use the app while they are at school. There are a lot of exercises and levels that they have to answer correctly to be successful, ”he added.

“We also do face-to-face activities with the students, always using sport as a backdrop for math and Portuguese, for example.

“But they are learning more about social issues around the world, such as how we need to treat the environment better and treat people equally.”

The 21-year-old Vinicius is in the best scoring form of his career with five goals in his first 10 appearances for Real Madrid this season – one off his best-scoring goal of the previous season.

Vinicius moved from Flamengo to the Spanish capital in 2018, when he turned 18 e anniversary, and scored 20 goals in 128 first-team appearances.

The striker has also cemented his place in the Brazilian national team this year.

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