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Where the royal families of Europe send their children to school


Lakefield College School describes itself as “the best college prep, boarding and day school in Canada.” Billed as a “small benevolent community”, the institution has a rich royal history. The school welcomed Prince Andrew as a foreign student for a semester in 1978, while King Felipe of Spain completed his secondary education there, before returning home to study at the Autonomous University of Madrid. Although no longer associated with the school, Andrew reportedly maintained a relationship with Lakefield as “Honorary President and Trustee” until 2019.

Situated along the Otonabee River between Toronto and Ottowa, Lakefield’s location is one of its key selling points, offering idyllic surrounding countryside and the opportunity for students to take part in a plethora of riverside activities. lake. According to its website, “You can’t help but notice how happy our students are.

International Alpine College Beau Soleil, Switzerland

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Princess Marie of Denmark, Guillaume, Hereditary Grand Duke of Luxembourg and Prince Félix and Princess Claire of Luxembourg all attended this prestigious school in the Swiss Alps. Félix and Claire, who married in 2013, met when they were students at Beau Soleil. Founded in 1910, the College is one of the oldest private boarding schools in the country and welcomes students from more than 40 countries. With less than 300 students in attendance, the education offered at Beau Soleil is both personal and private, making it a top choice for royal students. The establishment was formerly listed by The Daily Telegraph as “one of the most exclusive schools in the world”.

At £99,000 a year, the school offers unique views of Mont Blanc and skiing opportunities, with ‘a comprehensive program of winter sports available’. The school’s philosophy focuses on “promoting a broad worldview among students”, who undertake expeditions to places as far afield as Cambodia, Ghana and Tanzania.